Youth Voice

Rangatahi have consistently told us that they want their voice heard in the decisions that impact them and their future. They must be supported and enabled to be part of the conversation about shaping a productive, sustainable and inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand. MYD has an important part to play in bringing rangatahi voice to the table.

Youth Pulse Check Survey

Launched during Lockdown, the Youth Pulse Check Survey provided an opportunity to hear directly from rangatahi on how they were managing during lockdown and how government could support them during the different COVID-19 Alert phases, including the post-COVID-19 recovery. The online survey was open between 18 April and 16 May 2020 and over 2,650 rangatahi participated.

Smiling group of young people sitting or crouching down together

Download the Youth Pulse Check Survey results slides here.

Download the Youth Pulse Check Survey A3 snapshot here.

Disclaimer: This survey was not intended to be an accurate representative sample. The survey was conducted online, and data has not been weighted against the Aotearoa New Zealand population, so results will be biased to those over-represented. These results cannot be generalised to the total population aged 12 to 24 years.