Youth Councils - Local Government

Local Government provides youth councils and other youth advisory groups with regional networking and training opportunities. 

Youth councils connecting up

In 2009, we held 13 regional forums with youth councils across the country. Youth councils shared their project work, how they work with decision-makers in their council and ideas for the future. Training workshops were held in the forums on a range of topics including youth participation in decision-making, running effective meetings, making submissions and leadership skills.

Do you have a youth council in your community?

There are groups of young people getting together all over the country as part of independent and local council based youth councils. If you are keen to get involved in making your city, town or area better for young people, then get in touch with your local youth council.

If you have a youth council in your community, you could find out:

  • when their next open meeting is and attend it
  • if there are any consultations they are doing with young people in your community and help out
  • when youth council elections or applications are made and become a youth councillor.

If you don't have a youth council in your community, you could:

  • find out if the council is thinking about it and offer to help out
  • talk to other young people in your community about the idea of having a youth council
  • write a letter or speak to someone on the council about setting up a youth council.

A life changing experience

Dylan Singh, the Events Deputy of Youth Infusion, the local youth council of the Hutt City outlines his experiences of being on a youth council.
"Being a member of Youth Infusion has been a great life experience for me. I have met a lot of fantastic people, both in and outside of Youth Infusion, and have made a lot of lifelong friends.

Youth Infusion has created and ran a wide variety of projects in the community, where we are most famous for the Ball for All, a ball for people with disabilities that occurs every year. Youth Infusion has provided me with many great opportunities to get involved in my local community, such as running events for youth at a street fair, to going to the local hospital while dressed up as Cinderella and entertaining the children there – it was pretty fun!
I have also been given the opportunity to receive valuable work experience from being in the youth council. This work experience is helping me in event management, which is a field of work I am interested in pursuing after my current studies at Hutt Valley High School. When I talk to many of my peers, they are surprised at the career path I have chosen, as I have a good grasp of what I am looking to study at polytechnic.

A piece of advice I can give to anybody looking to join a youth council is to join one as soon as possible. The experiences I have had are some of the best experiences I have ever had in my life, and I have not doubted my position in a youth council at any time."

If you have any questions email: or freephone 0508 FOR MYD (367 693).