Keepin' It Real

The Keepin' It Real guide was developed in response to requests from organisations wanting practical information on how to implement youth participation in their policy development, programmes, services and organisations.

Keepin' It Real workshop

The Keepin It Real workshop is useful for a wide range of individuals who work with young people, including local government policy developers, funders, clinicians, service managers, youth and community development workers.

MYD has resources and facilitations guide for a Keepin’ it Real workshops. This is an interactive session run over five hours. It takes participants through the basics of incorporating youth participation in decision-making in their work.

The learning objectives of the workshop are to:

  • clarify views and beliefs on youth participation
  • define what youth participation is
  • explore and apply a model of youth participation
  • identify benefits of youth participation
  • identify barriers to youth participation and generate ways of overcoming barriers
  • identify the key elements of effective youth participation
  • experience some different techniques which could be used to enhance youth participation.

Participants develop an action plan for applying youth participation to their own work throughout the course of the training workshop.

If you are interested in the Keepin’ It Real workshop material please email