Prime Minister’s Youth Programme

The Prime Minister's Youth Programme (PMYP) is designed to foster and celebrate achievement for young people from Auckland aged 14 - 17 years, who are facing and managing challenges in their lives. For example, young people who have moved away from low levels of offending, truancy or poor academic performance and have made a sustained attempt to make positive life changes.

PMYP participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances. PMYP is a reward for young people who have faced, or are facing, challenges, but have demonstrated strength of character to make positive and life-changing choices in their lives.

Participants are nominated to attend the programme by those that work with them. This could include a school principal or teacher, youth worker or Police Youth Aid officer.

Nominations for the Prime Minister's Youth Programme 2015 have closed.

What will participants do during PMYP 2015?

PMYP 2015 will be held during the last week of the school holidays from Monday 19 January to Friday 23 January 2015.

PMYP is organised by the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) who contract local organisations that each develop and deliver a programme with input from their participants. During the week-long programme, participants will experience a mix of fun, challenging and developmental activities and engage with high achieving New Zealanders.

The 2015 programme will include activities such as poetry and song writing workshop, white-water rafting, a design your own hoodie workshop and leadership building activities. To see more about what this programme involves, please see the story below.

The experience of a 2014 participant

PMYP Perticipants 2014

Above are some of the participants arriving at the celebration dinner during the 2014 programme.

Daisy's Story

When Daisy Foster was first told she was on the Prime Minister’s Youth programme she felt excited and nervous at the same time. Being on the programme has built her confidence and she’s been able to talk to more people than she thought she ever would.

“Everyone is really nice,” she says, “nicer than what I’d expected really.”

This week the Kelston Girls College student has been a part of TYLA Trust’s programme which is an all-girls group, focusing on food, fashion and recreation.

For Daisy the most valuable part of the week has been the Market to Table, chef’s experience at AUT University’s Four Seasons restaurant.

What captured Daisy were the stories shared by the guest speakers. She says it’s her dream to one day become a chef and travel the world so “hearing about what they’ve done in their lives and how they’ve become successful is really inspiring.”

This year Daisy is entering year 12 and her new found confidence will be really valuable.

TYLA’s Operations Manager for West Auckland, Jolene Cartwright, says they ask the girls to come back in March to present them with the hoodies they designed during the Saatchi and Saatchi workshop. “It’s a good way to keep in touch with the girls and let them know they can come back if they ever need it.”

Daisy says if she could offer one piece of advice to a young person who had the chance to be on the programme, she would say “Just go for it. It helps your social skills, it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime things and you’ll never be able to do something like it again.”