Partnership Fund – Local Government Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Partnership Fund - Local Government?

The Partnership Fund - Local Government provides funding in partnership with Territorial Authorities (TAs) and regional councils to deliver projects that support local young people aged 12-24, to develop resilience and capability in order to become adults that participate and positively contribute to their communities.

What is required to demonstrate a Partnership approach?

You can demonstrate your commitment to the partnership approach through contributing either monetary or in-kind support for the proposed youth development initiatives. This is a key criteria for the Partnership Fund. The application form will prompt you with questions to assist you to explain your partnership contribution.

What is the purpose of the Partnership Fund - Local Government?

The Fund recognises MYD’s relationship with TAs to develop young New Zealanders. TAs have extensive networks with young people, local businesses, iwi and NGOs. This fund will enable MYD to partner with TAs to reach and offer more young people volunteering, mentoring and leadership opportunities. As a result it will build more young peoples’ capability and resilience and, through partnering with TAs, it enables MYD to be responsive to emerging local needs and opportunities for young people.

Is the Partnership Fund – Local Government the same as the Local Government Youth Project Fund?

The Partnership Fund - Local Government has replaced the Local Government Youth Project Fund. The Partnership Fund - Local Government aligns with MYD’s priorities and will support partnership initiatives with local government. Funding is approved by the Ministry of Youth Development’s Partnership Fund Board. The Board includes representatives from business, the philanthropic sector, iwi, youth development experts and young people.

What is a partnership approach?

The Partnership Fund Board aims to increase the number and quality of youth development opportunities that are available to young people through co-investment and support of in-kind partnerships between business and philanthropic sectors, iwi, other government organisations and MYD. The Board seeks to engage in partnerships between central and local government that will achieve more quality youth development opportunities for young people.

Key dates

Online applications open 20 July 2017
Applications close 11 August 2017
Applications approved 23 August 2017
Contract negotiation From 23 August 2017
Programme delivery September 2017 – 30 June 2018

How much funding is available?

There is a total budget of $280,000. Funding of between $10,000 (GST excl.) and $30,000 (GST excl.) will be allocated (however the Partnership Fund Board has the discretion to consider proposals above $30,000).

What types of outcomes will funded projects achieve?

The Partnership Fund is looking to support local government organisations that work collaboratively with other organisations on projects to support young people.

Funding can be sought for projects and initiatives that:

  • demonstrate evidence of a partnership approach (councils will be expected to contribute funds and/or in-kind support to the initiative)
  • demonstrate evidence of working collaboratively with other organisations in the community to identify issues, design and create solutions, and deliver initiatives for young people to realise shared outcomes
  • benefit young people aged 12-24 years
  • increase the total number of targeted opportunities that support young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • preference will be given to opportunities that align with councils youth strategy

MYD is seeking projects and activities that support:

  • MYD’s Youth Investment Strategy
  • MYD’s Service Guidelines 2017
  • youth leadership training opportunities
  • opportunities for young people to develop and practice leadership skills (e.g. organise and manage youth initiatives)
  • young people to participate in community decision making (e.g. submissions to Council, participate on a funding panel, develop a Youth Council)
  • young people to participate more in their community through volunteering
  • young people acquiring skills, knowledge, aptitude, and ‘other’ transferable skills
  • activities that provide opportunities for young people to be mentored
  • mentoring for other young people
  • young people to positively contribute to, and influence their community
  • undertake projects and activities that establish a Youth Council which will be supported by the local government organisation, or expand current Youth Councils and increase their engagement with other young people

Can anyone apply to the Partnership Fund - Local Government?

No. Only TAs and regional councils can apply. TAs must be the fund holders for any money applied for under the Partnership Fund - Local Government and are responsible for reporting. However, the intention is that TAs may partner with other groups to organise and deliver initiatives.

Can community partners lead the project?

Yes they can, however TAs are required to be the fund holder and will be responsible for reporting. We expect TAs and community groups to work in partnership.

Can applicants submit more than one application?

Yes, applicants can submit more than one application, where they are seeking funding for distinct projects. Where there is more than one application TAs should clearly state their preferred application. The intention of the fund is to support as many TAs as possible, so preference will be given to first applications before considering a second application.

Can TAs apply for funding for more than one project in an application?

No, although a project may be made up of interconnected activities. Our preference is to target funding towards one or two activities and that where funding is sought for more than one activity, there is a clear link between them. The Panel will consider all activities that are applied for.

Can this funding be used to support an existing initiative?

Yes. Both new and existing initiatives will be considered by the Panel. Where the initiative has received funding in the past, the effectiveness of the initiative will be considered by the Panel.

How are funding decisions made?

All applications will be assessed by a Panel comprised of members of the Partnership Fund Board and MYD Partnerships team. Shortlisted applications will then be forwarded to the Partnership Fund Board for consideration. The Partnership Fund Board will make the final decision on funding.

Is there anything the Partnership Fund – Local Government will not support?

  • Domestic and international air travel
  • Projects and activities that have already been completed
  • Conference fees (e.g. Local Government Conference)
  • Any direct funding to a community partner
  • Projects and activities that are the core business of the TA or the responsibility of another government funding agency

When is the next funding round?

The fund will open again soon (Date TBC) for applications for funding, with programme delivery commencing on 1 July 2018.

Where can I get further information?

For further information on the Partnership Fund - Local Government:


Phone: (04) 916 3662 or freephone 0508 FOR MYD (367 693)